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Distributed computing is our hammer
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Our Focus

Taking data to next level.

We're applying our expertize in many projects involving cutting-edge technologies, or not. Our deep understanding of actual frameworks and programming languages helps our clients to speed up and strengthen their data oriented projects.

Scala training

We were the first in Belgium to believe enough in Scala, and it's functional features, to become one of their Partners. And we're proud of that. Our first training was given in March 2014, others will follow.

Big Data workshop

We know that this word is to buzz but we also think that Big Data is way more than a buzz word. That's why we propose several kind of internal workshops about Big Data, covering from the Business opportunities to the IT details, through the Analysis methods.

Distributed computing

Distributed computing is the new age we have, as technical people, just entered. Whatever the business changed or not, the needs for distributed computing is becoming more and more a pressure for the IT departments. Luckily for them we're there around!


We are involved in the top projects in Big Data in Belgium and abroad.


We participated to a plenty of projects and events, all data related. Here are some of 'em.
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About US

We create and setup highly scalable and resilient solutions even for small & medium level businesses.
We're experts in distributed computing and data analysis.

We're not involved in the most appealing projects in Belgium and abroad for nothing.

Our expertize and engagement in emergent technologies is highly appreciated by the stakeholders of our projects.

There are number of examples and we cannot cite them all, but the first one can only be the Scala programming language which we supported even before it was new language to learn on the JVM.

But also, the Play! Framework 2, one of the most popular web framework in the JVM world today. We used it before it was even released!

We must note that we are using the new Big Data's kid on the block for years now, naming the Apache Spark project. We had the pleasure to use it for projects in the Internet of Things, GIS (road network analysis) and Genomics.

  • Data Analysis

    We're holding a strong background in Mathematics, Physics and statistical modeling.
    We're excelling in data visualization and inference towards prescriptive analytics.

  • Distributed Computing

    Our experience taught us that a single machine will fail.
    That's why we always think distributed first, being for an infrastructure or an algorithm.

  • Training

    We're certified in different emergent technologies like Scala. We're also expert in cutting edge ones like Spark.
    And we love to share those!

  • Leadership

    Social and organized, our leadership experience in data teams or dev teams is largely recognized and appreciated.
    Because we're committed in the projects we take over.

Our Team

Check our awesome team members (and opportunities below).
Andy Petrella
Founder -- Lead dev

Former mathematician turned into a distributed data engineer.

Founder of NextLab and tireless dreamer.

Xavier Tordoir

Ph.D in physical sciences turned into a data modeler and distributed systems expert.


Wanna join us? Check these stuffs out ↓
Data Hacker
Data whisperer
  • Masters data modeling
  • Creates data product
  • R/Py/Matlab/... ninja
  • Thinks about Scala/Clj/...
  • Spurious analyses' lover
You too?
Mad Dev
Shipper of great features
  • Pragmatic thinker
  • Quality oriented
  • Scala/Clj/Java/... ninja
  • Geek
  • Neo Luddist
You too?
Algo cracker
Divider and conqueror
  • Slices algos like cakes
  • Arxiv reader
  • In love for Spark and co
  • Can scale everything
  • Locks hover me
You too?
Join us!
  • Data whisperer >= 85%
  • Algo cracker >= 60%
  • Mad dev : ABAP
  • Funny and crazy team player
  • Liège hater


We create and setup highly scalable and resilient solutions even small & medium level business.
Data Sci & Dev lead

More than a scrum master

Technical visionary and team listener

Structured and committed, we're leading and coaching teams how to reach their goals on time and quality.
Project consultancy

Part of the team

Highly skilled dev

In sync with technologies and people, we're landing straight in the teams to handle part of the work.
Data analysis

Sneak the data, find results.

KPI sniper

For us, no needs for swimsuits to dive in any data ocean, extract the whole meaning and prescribe next actions.

Intern or planned

Scala, Spark and more to come

We're partners with top companies in the world, like Typesafe, to deliver extremely valuable training enhanced by our in-depth knowledge.
Big Data Workshops

On-demand for IT to Business

Deep explanations with detailed and concrete supports

We regularly organize internal Big Data workshops for small and medium businesses to help them embracing ad-hoc distributed technologies.

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